The purpose of this site is tFirst Thanksgiving Selfieo get to know me beyond my resume. In all reality, neither a resume nor this site will be able to fully express who I am, but let’s give it a shot. Here are some highlights.

The year 2016 was nothing less than life changing. While my career has always been my priority, my young family has become my driving inspiration in life, and has led me to appreciate balance between professional and personal life. My wMoto Familyife, Pamela, and I have a young son named Remington. We love spending time together making memories and watching our son grow every day.

Outside of work and family, I stay busy satisfying my competitive nature with mixed martial arts. I train and compete in the sport and thus far, it has fulfilled my need for competition and stress relief. In my down time, I enjoy renovating our 1926 bungalow, trying new restaurants, exploring museums, hiking around our state, and traveling to new places. I am very appreciative of the experiences I have had thus far in life and look forward to new adventures.


A common and effective tool to better understand personalities is the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator. While no types are better than others, understanding my own type, and the type of my employees and colleagues helps me develop productive working relationships. The results of my assessment should help you understand me as much as it helps me understand myself.

Results: INPT

“INTPs are likely to be most satisfied in a work environment that values logic and allows them to work with autonomy. They want to follow their ideas and find the theories behind them. People can count on them to identify the core of the situation and offer ideas to help others understand the situation logically.”