My career has taken many exciting twists and turns, and have touched every aspect of marketing. I’ve been fortunate to always work for inspiring lifestyle brands that I am passionate about, and I’ve been fortunate that my diverse experience allows me to bring fresh solutions to old problems. While I have a great appreciation for specialists, I’ve found the secret to my success (and innovative thinking) has been being able to draw from the breadth of my experience.


Harley Davidson

Milwaukee is beer, or course. But Milwaukee is also Harley-Davidson. Working for an iconic brand, with legendary motorcycles is something only a lucky few get to do in their careers. Being a rider made this opportunity that much sweeter.

Water Street Association

I had fond memories of the Water Street Entertainment District from my college years. When the district was going through a slow period, I saw the need for someone to re-unite the businesses and inspire them to re-brand their district and re-gain their patrons.

BRP, Evinrude

Ole Evinrude invented the outboard engine. I’m incredibly humbled that for the second time in my career, I have the privilege to market a lifestyle brand with such a rich heritage.

Art Milwaukee

My friend Jeremy Fojut and I saw a need to local connect artists with fellow enthusiasts and Milwaukeeans. We accomplished our mission of making art more accessible, by taking the presentation out of great art by hosting pop up art shows outside of traditional galleries.

4 PM Magazine

At the time, 4PM Magazine represented the essence of being a young adult in Milwaukee. It spoke to my generations taste in culture, nightlife, food, and fashion. I was a loyal reader, and enthused to become a passionate contributor.

US Marine Corps

In the Spring of 2001, the world was not yet shook by the events of 9/11, and therefor I can not say my enlistment was a result of national pride. Rather, I enlisted as an infantryman in the United States Marine Corps to challenge myself, and prove I had what it took to earn the title, Marine.

Rebel Creative

Working for Rebel was an immediate fit, as it combined two of my passions, branding and mixed martial arts.