Art Milwaukee

ArtMilwaukee Co-Founder

ArtMilwaukee was a start-up in the truest form. My friend Jeremy approached me and said, “I have this domain, do you want to do something with it?” From there, we worked on all of the basics. We drafted a mission, vision, brand positioning, and logo. In no time we had 4 directors and a host of eager volunteers in place, and monthly Art Jamborees were the talk of the town. Our exposure allowed us to rapidly grow from hosting events, to becoming anartist resource network. In time, the ArtMilwaukee brand was absorbed by its sister brand Newaukee, to allow greater focus from the executive team.
In this role, I learned how important it is to engage with people and offer them an excellent and unique experience.


We were not the only group in town attempting to accomplish what we were doing, but we were the only ones doing it different. Every event we hosted delivered on our brand promise and earned the trust of our guests. Thrilled attendees became our best ambassadors, and our strategy to limit our growth ensured each event could be better than the next, and allowed them to become commodities.