BRP, Evinrude

Global Brand Marketing Lead

In my current role, while I still have global responsibility, including being the conduit between the brand marketing team and each of our global regions, I have a renewed emphasis on North American strategy. I’m fortunate enough to have some internal resources available to me to support my responsibility of global asset development, paid media strategy, sponsorships, and endorsements. While I appreciate the amount of creativity I can still use in my role, the responsibility I take most seriously is managing my small team of direct reports. Even though there are only a few members on my team, each of them make an incredible contribution, and it’s my honor to lead them and help guide their professional growth.


Global Marketing Specialist

After several years as a brand marketing specialist, the Evinrude brand was given a global mandate, and a new role was created for me. I became responsible for coordinating with brand marketing and global regional marketing teams to cascade assets and develop global strategies. This happened to coincide with a year that we had a major project launch, which afforded me the opportunity to develop and execute the marketing plan for a global product launch.

Sr. Brand Marketing Specialist

When I arrived on the Evinrude Brand Marketing Team, I was given three sink or swim tasks within my first three months. I executed a print ad campaign, a developed supporting materials for the Summer Retail Promotion, and produced the first photoshoot the brand had conducted in several years. Fortunately I passed the swim test, and spend the next 3 and a half years as a marketing strategist behind the brand’s creative asset development, retail sales promotions, paid media strategy, dealer marketing, and shows and events. In this role, I managed 5 agencies, planned a $10+ million dollar budget, and launched a revolutionary engine technology, the Evinrude E-TEC G2.