Harley Davidson

Retail Environment Group Project Coordinator

After collaborating with Harley-Davidson’s Retail Environment Group, I was extended in invitation to join their team, and work on the Buell Motorcycle brand’s presence at retail. While I did have some retail product management duties, the primary focus on my role was collaborating with the Buell marketing team to ensure the brand’s identity stood out within a Harley-Davidson dealership. I helped determine every detail of what should be included in a Buell specific environment, from what music was playing, to the video content on the monitors, to the clothes the mannequins were wearing. The pinnacle of my role with this department was working with a retail design agency to develop a new store-within-a-store concept. We launched 3 pilot dealerships, and this re-design included mock scissor lift as a bike display which won an award for Best Display.

Parts & Accessories Packaging Coordinator

In this role, I was responsible for the consumer facing packaging for all new motorcycle parts and accessories. In simple terms, I designed the box that was used to display any new grip or foot peg that was displayed in dealerships.
This was my first real taste managing a team of diverse stakeholders. I coordinated with a dozen product managers to understand what new accessories were coming down the line, including the launch time, name, and product features. I collaborated with a packaging engineer on the dimensions of the box. I provided art direction for the studio photography of the components. I wrote copy that turned product features into consumer benefits. And I worked with a design agency to turn all of the inputs into a self selling packaging for dealership walls.
A major accomplishment during my time on the team was collaborating with the Retail Environment Group to develop a new overall packaging strategy. Instead of only focusing on individual parts, we worked together to consider how dozens of parts in packaging would compliment or contrast each other when hung in a real dealer environment. We standardized our process with a new “box and sleeve” technology that resulted in visual consistency and also significant cost savings, and is still the standard today.