US Marine Corps

Infantry Platoon Sergeant 

Upon returning from Iraq, I spent the remaining two years of my contract leading the next generation of Marines to be combat ready for deployment. Preparing those Marines was an incredible weight, knowing that the skills they took with them overseas would be detrimental to ensuring they were able to return home safely to their families. During this time, I also participated in a brief deployment to Niamey, Niger. The mission of that deployment was to train the Niger Army in basic infantry operations and counter terrorism.

Infantry Platoon Linguist

When I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve fresh out of high-school, my adventuresome side moved me to be an infantryman. I conducted my basic and infantry training the first two summers after graduation and then joined my reserve unit. Upon learning our unit would be deploying to Iraq, I volunteered to attend an intensive arabic language course. During my deployment, I was the lone arabic speaker in our squad, and spent much of my time in country conducting a census of our area of operation.