Paid Media Strategy

Develop strategy briefs for media agencies
Prior to the start of every campaign, I write a brief that is used by both our creative and media agency. A strong brief is inspired by industry and consumer insights, which allows our partners to deliver a strategy that meets both the company and campaign objectives.

Determine appropriate creative for all placements
Communicating with the right consumer at the right time is only effective if you’re delivering the right message. For all paid media campaigns, I’ve worked to craft the appropriate advertising message for each placement.

Measure activity and optimize based on results
Because significant resources are invested in paid media campaigns, I make it standard practice to continually monitor the results of a campaign to ensure its delivering on defined objectives.

Communicate media plans to key stakeholders
In an organization that retails through a dealer channel, informing the network can have as strong of a benefit as placing the media. For each campaign we launch, I’ve crafted network communications to make them fully aware of the investment we’re making in their market to both inspire them and to help them align their own marketing strategies to amplify our investment.