POS Marketing

Regional Point of Sale Kits
While a consumer may visit a dealership with a preference for specific product or brand, they can still be influenced leading up to the moment of purchase. A strong piece of collateral, with a message relevant to the customer, may convert them to your brand from a competitor. Similarly, a poor execution can indicate that your brand “doesn’t get” the customer and lead them into the arms of your competition. While working with the Evinrude brand I’ve learned the importance of taking the extra step to develop regionally specific materials to reassure the customer that you understand them.

Digital Sales Tool
The final barrier to purchase in a dealership distribution method is the dealership salesman. To make sure the salesman is delivering the desired message, it’s critical that they’re sufficiently trained and incentivized to tell the brand story as you would tell it yourself. To fully ensure a consistent and positive experience for customers speaking with a dealer salesman, we’re developing a digital sales tool to help guide the conversation.

Retail Environment Strategy
When making a significant lifestyle purchase, a savvy consumer will come to expect an excellent brand experience at every touch point. This brand promise has to remain true from the first time they visit a brand website, to visiting a dealer showroom, and finally when they come back for dealer service or a warranty claim. When executed properly, a consumer will be fully immersed in a brand experience when visiting a well crafted and maintained retail environment. During my time with Harley-Davidson I was able to craft a fully immersive retail environment and I look forward to creating that once again in my career.